Are you ready for a new approach? 

​If resolutions haven’t proven effective for you in the past, what have you got to lose by trying a new approach? As 2016 draws to a close, many will be reflecting on and celebrating the year that’s been and planning for the road ahead with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm that the New Year brings.


Maybe you shone brightly in 2016 and achieved your dreams or perhaps the road had unexpected twists and turns that appeared from left field, slowing your progress.     
We do our best to stay focused on our goals, hopeful of positive changes however resolutions often don’t work out the way we’d like. We lose focus by the end of January (or sooner) and then beat ourselves up over the outcome. Back on the “I’m not good enough” treadmill and the monkey chatter kicks into action in our head, somewhat like a political debate.  

Why? Resolutions are too specific and don’t include the motivation to keep you hanging in there when the going gets tough. They also focus on fixing flaws instead of focusing on the positive. Building your WHY into your goals and resolutions can make all the difference.
Instead of saying “I want to lose weight” find your WHY. What will losing weight do for you? How will you feel?
For example: By losing 5 kg by 31 March 2017 I will fit into my fabulous green dress that I love and feel super sexy wearing in time for our wedding anniversary trip away in April with my prince.

​Also ask yourself – how important is this to you on a 1 – 10? If a low score, what would it take to get to a 10? Do you really want to do this? Maybe you don’t have the desire in which case you may be setting yourself up to fail before you even hit go.

  • Break goals down into small manageable chunks, I call them baby steps. Focus on one day at a time or hour by hour, minute by minute if need be
  • Reward yourself along the way. If weight loss is your goal, make it a nonfood reward maybe have a massage, buy yourself something you’ve been really wanting  
  • Plan and be organised – use a daily planner in a way that works for you
  • Go public – share your goals with others who will be supportive
  • Ask for help – build your support crew
  • Create a vision board – maybe for you it’s keeping that green dress on show or sexy lingery hanging somewhere you’ll see it in your closest which will bring your WHY back front of mind.  ​​

You can apply these principals to whatever you chose to work on: weight loss, more energy, improved sleep, increased fitness, healthy eating, new job, more travel or adventure, relationships, community – the list is endless.

Another option is to think of a word or two for the year ahead, think of it like your theme. Maybe it’s decluttering (could be your mind, body, soul, home, office, relationships, life or more!) streamlining, minimialising, courageous, purposeful, gratitude, intentional, mindful – chose something that truly resonates with you with and has deep meaning and purpose.

​The BIG thing, remember YOUR WHY – not someone else’s! We’re all different, what may work for one may not for another. Take what works for you.

If you’d like help and support achieving your goals, and aredy to make changes, please get in touch with Robin today. Here’s what my clients have had to say.

I’d love to hear what your dreams are for 2017 – leave me a comment below! 
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