February 2017

Halloween has been and gone, it’s got me thinking………….The question I’ve been asking myself this week is, how often do we walk around with a mask on? And why does that matter? I’ve recently been working with a client who used to arrive home from work, so tired and wanting to flop on the couch […]

Improved sleep, dreaming, staying power and clarity. These are the biggest things I’ve noticed since 13 September. So what happened to me on that day? Two things: I haven’t had a coffee since that day as a result of the KST treatment I received with the added bonus of no physical withdrawal symptoms (first time ever!) I’m sure you’ll

While chatting with a friend and her daughter recently, it suddenly struck me perhaps they didn’t have a clear picture around “what I do” as a Health Coach or how I could help. This got me asking myself “Gosh what message have I given to “The Universe” (Universe – you, me, everyone else and beyond!) If I’ve

One of my favourite things to make is bliss balls: quick, easy, use what I have. This recipe could easily be adapted to what ever nuts or seeds you fancy, walnuts would be great instead of the almonds and roll the balls in sesame seeds for a change. 

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