July 2017

​​GF, DF, Veg When you’re in those menopausal years, research shows women benefit from a more plant based diet particularly if you’ve got belly fat you’re trying to shift. Our dietary needs are different to men as we go through this stage. If you’re estrogen dominant (think stubborn belly fat and more) then steer clear of […]

On Thursday, when technology failed and the world seemed wonky (even our dogs were crazy), I put it down to the full moon. Then this morning I questioned, was I being overly simplistic?Was there more to what was happening? A YES popped up. Over the past fortnight situations have arisen that have really got me

​This is a super easy slice, I enjoy changing recipes to match the ingredients I have on hand. Recently I made it with a mix of dates, prunes and goji berries in the base as I didn’t have enough dates and going to the supermarket was not an option! If you don’t fancy making the icing,

I was talking with friend recently who’d really struggled to walk past the Apple Strudel with lashings of whipped cream in the bakery cabinet that was “calling her”. She was craving dairy big time!Could it be that she’s deficient in calcium? If so, what’s that got to do with Vitamin D?  In order to absorb calcium, your body needs

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