April 2019

DF GF V – but certainly not taste free!Enjoying a plant based gluten free dinner doesn’t mean NO to a creamy cheese sauce. Eliminating dairy is a real struggle for many who choose to for varied reasons from health to ethics, there’s something about cheese! So here’s a solution as my theory isn’t about deprivation […]

You know you’re on the right path to your desired dream job, next step or activity when you feel that rush of excitement when you think about it. Or on the flip side (feeling stuck), Mondayitis creeps in everyday bringing with it no energy, maybe some brain fog, health issues and that overwhelming feeling of

Sometimes we all need that person in our lives to get us back on track, to help us find the answers we have within by asking the questions that need asking. Today was that day for me. It can be so easy for our life to get out of balance without even realising it. Things

​​These crackers are quick and easy,  great with my cannellini dip, humus, avocado, tomato, or plain and simple on their own!  Have as a snack, take to work, have with soup – loads of options. Packed with healthy fats, protein from seeds and fibre that our bodies need, keeping us feeling fuller for longer.  ​ Dairy and

This is a versatile dip that you can also use as a spread, thin down further as a super healthy dressing, use as a sauce on veggies or veg noodles. Cannellini beans are a great inclusion in your diet, they’re high in protein and fiber without being packed with calories and great for stablising your

This fudge may be gluten, dairy and soy free but it’s certainly not taste free! This chocolate fudge is smooth and creamy and packed full of protein and calcium. Quick and easy, it would also make a great base with a dob of coconut yoghurt topped with a fresh raspberry or two plus a sprinkling

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