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Testimonial: Gail Morrison

Gail talks about her journey with Robin. From overweight, in pain, and stressed at home and work, to happy, healthy and empowered, with a new career and living a life powered by holistic wellness.

I can continue with my new found confidence and passion for life

What an amazing journey the last 6 months have been. Robin has supported and guided me 120%. I have learnt fantastic skills and have awesome tools so I can continue with my new found confidence and passion for life. Thanks doesn’t seem enough Robin, I am truly grateful.


Something has changed within me, my stiffness decreased significantly as my stuff diminished

am now addressing the stuff that I have accumulated and the process has become enjoyable as opposed to the overwhelming burden I perceived it to be. The dietary changes have eased joint soreness and stiffness and digestive discomfort. I have become unstuck psychologically and physically. The links between hoarding stuff and body stiffness – now there’s an interesting thought.

Robin is perceptive, a superb listener who then presents you with meaningful questions to consider. Robin never suggest what you should do – she offers options supported by practical strategies and approaches your concerns in a holistic way.


Better sleep, increased energy levels, stronger hair and less overwhelm

There were many challenges and ups and downs along the way; Robin helped me stay focused and on track. Gradual changes to my diet, being kind to myself and not getting overwhelmed helped me achieve my goals of increased energy, stronger hair and better sleep. Robin was kind, supportive and non-judgemental, thank you!


I’ve switched off auto pilot with food

I got so much out of my sessions, lots of different tools and tips that have helped me in so many ways other than just losing weight. I am now very aware of how I’m feeling in myself and have switched off auto pilot with food. I now know that even if I go off track, I have the tools to start over.


Gut happy = brain happier = Margaret happiest in coping with Parkinson’s

When I started Holistic Wellness coaching sessions with Robin Wilson, I was three years into a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and not coping emotionally with negative changes happening in my life. Through Robin’s guidance in all aspects of life (including personal, diet and nutrition), I have gone gluten-free, dairy-free and am conscious of leaning towards a more alkaline diet to keep my gut happy. Gut happy = brain happier = Margaret happiest in coping with Parkinson’s. I have been able to come off my anti-depressant medication because of Robin’s help and encouragement with other aspects of my life. Robin provides well-organised support, both through her personal experiences of life and that shared through the knowledge she has gained from continued professional development in her field. The professional reporting after each session is a very useful record for review when required.
Robin is a genuinely sincere and lovely person, and I would unreservedly recommend her, and Holistic Wellness, for guidance when you need to take a look at a different pathway in life.


My increase in energy is phenomenal, fitness is great and I have no brain fog!

By providing excellent information, delving into unhelpful beliefs, gently challenging me and reviewing and setting new goals at each session I was able to achieve the goals I set at the beginning of my programme. The most significant change is my ability to function on a much higher level. Ideas turn into action very quickly and my planning capability has moved up by 50%.

Robin is the bomb: high on manaakitanga and integrity, non-judgmental, challenging (in a good way) and gentle. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is “stuck” in life, who wants to discover who they really are and be able to function in the world with ease, joy and glory. Invest in yourself.


My clothes are looser, I feel fitter, more toned, with more energy and a positive outlook. I have a greater awareness about nutrition and am very wary of so called “Healthy Foods”

The most significant changes for me have been an increased awareness in what and how much I was eating and the positive effects of regular exercise has on my body, shape and mood. It has been a really positive 6 months – the weight I have lost is staying off and I have made life changing improvements to what and how I eat. Robin is passionate about Health and Wellness, a good listener, personable, organised, approachable, honest and generous. She was able to help me achieve my goals by providing encouragement, support and motivation and by providing me with educational resources – recipes, handouts, books etc. I would recommend Robin to people wanting to make positive changes in their lives.


This is the first time in my life (that I can remember) that I haven’t had any incidences. I’ve had no IBS incidences for 5 months and this has changed me a lot

I came to Robin to remedy some major health issues and to learn more about myself, including how to de-stress. Robin was able to help me by advising me on my diet and asking some “hard questions”. It’s been small steps and my gut health continues to improve which will in turn help the rest of me. I would describe my coach as kind, informative, caring and easy to talk to. This has been a most worthwhile 6 months and I would recommend Robin to anyone who may need guidance in their life.


I would recommend Robin to anyone with life or health issues, whether small or large, she is there to listen, help, support and advice

My top goals upon starting this 6-month programme were to sleep better, healthier eating plan and lose weight.

My coach, Robin was able to help me work towards these goals by advising me to a better eating plan by eliminating certain foods and trialling new ones. She helped me look at life through different “eyes” and guided me with strategies to cope with stressful situations at work and home.

I have been more aware of what food’s I’m intolerant to and can avoid; avoiding gluten and dairy products and I’ve lost weight. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been feeling better about myself, being more assertive and challenging myself. I would describe Robin as a great listener, nutritionally-savvy, a great sense of humour and very inspiring. Thanks Robin I’ve learnt so much from you in 6 months.

You are very special and have the gift of healing.


After four and a half years of being unwell, my health, mind body and soul is the best it’s ever been

Robin is such an amazing soul. I’ve recently completed her 6 month “Take Charge of Your Health” package and cannot recommend it highly enough. Her previous personal experiences make her an invaluable source of knowledge and advice.
Before seeing Robin, I had been constantly going from one thing to another, trying to find a permanent solution to my health problems and to get better (wish I had found her sooner!) It’s the most amazing feeling to finally be free from that to just “be” and live life. She creates a space where you can learn your own power, inner wisdom and strengths. It’s hard to put into words how much Robin has helped me. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Robin @ Holistic Wellness.


Thank you Robin for helping me get to where I am. Having so much more control of my life makes everything easier

My goals at the start of my programmes were to discover what foods are right for me, to be healthy and to have balance in my life. Robin helped by guiding me through eliminating foods from my diet, gave me the tools to cope with life’s challenges and encouraged me by giving advice and sharing ideas. I have balance in my life which makes me able to cope with life’s challenges and stresses a lot more easily. I have more knowledge of what I can and can’t eat which has had a huge positive impact on my life.
Robin is encouraging, positive, supportive, knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anybody who would like a natural approach to health and life.


I would recommend your “Take charge of your health” programme to anyone, particularly if they were in a bit of a rut and needed support to make positive changes to any aspects in their lives

My goodness, how my life has changed since I started on my 6 month coaching journey with you. Reflecting on my goals from when I started is an absolute joy – you assisted me to achieve the vast majority of them, including reducing my coffee and alcohol intake, increasing my fitness levels so that I can go for bush walks with no knee pain, and being a role model for clients in my new role. I feel more healthy now than I have in all my adult years, and to this day I am completely coffee and alcohol-free, and not missing either! Many friends comment on how well I look, and it makes me realise how run down I had become due to my previous habits and lifestyle choices.

Committing to the 6 month programme was essential for me, and having the fortnightly coaching sessions with you held me accountable for making the changes I knew that I needed to make. Without this commitment over 6 months I am sure I would have just kept on with my habitual life patterns, and not had the motivation to see the changes through.

Your clear, strong and kind guidance in every session was always perfect for what was going on for me at the time. Having your support through a major career and lifestyle change gave me the courage to take the steps necessary to exit one management role and launch happily into my new position. I needed to face some very personal fears and emotions to allow myself to feel confident to leave a role I had been in for over 6 years, and a workplace I cared deeply about. The support you provided me to work through these issues was amazing, and I felt completely at ease opening up to you about challenging topics I didn’t talk about with others.

I would recommend your “Take charge of your health” programme to anyone, particularly if they were in a bit of a rut and needed support to make positive changes to any aspects in their lives. I really have taken charge of my own health, and continue to re-evaluate my goals and work on other areas of my life which are now my highest priorities, including personal financial planning. I am a more confident, mature, professional woman having gone through this process with you. Thank you!

Cathy Allan

Supporting me every step of the way without pressure or judgement

Thanks Rob, I really appreciate your time and efforts in helping and supporting me in this process. My top 3 goals on starting the programme were:

  1. To identify basis of wellness concerns, what were my triggers?
  2. Gain confidence to pursue my own Health and Wellness goals.
  3. Understand how I can stay positive and overcome challenges.

You supported me every step of the way without pressure or judgement – addressing the road blocks as they came up and even if they came up more than once, to bring about greater understanding for me at a deeper level.
The biggest changes I’ve noticed since beginning the program are my confidence levels and health improvements since giving up dairy which is noticeable on so many levels. Probably bigger is my ability to look at me and my own wellness requirements from the health perspective.
I would recommend Robin to anyone; colleagues, clients, friends and family. You were very caring, supportive and warm and able to meet you where you’re at, at any post or pillar and to encourage you to move forward in strength and understanding.


Feeling so much more balanced and peaceful, I will always be grateful

I wanted to say how much I have appreciated your support and availability since that first time I came to you on the Saturday afternoon. I was desperate and looking for a new direction and what I gained was hope for a better future and healing. You were always available to see me or fit me in and I want you to know how much that meant to me while I was suffering and wondering where to go. So, a big thank you from me, I will always be grateful.
I am feeling so much better and that has been a combination of things, I am feeling so much more balanced and peaceful.


Seeing the easier way through has helped me immensely

So many good things have happened for me and I’ve experienced lots of positive changes in the last few weeks. Being able to talk to someone, the practical ideas, helping me to see the easy way through has made such a difference. Thank you Robin.


You helped me reflect and set a plan rather than continuing to go round in circles

Many thanks for a very succinct coaching session recently that really helped me hone in on what I needed to focus on to move forward.  It set in motion a journey of self discovery that had me surprised but clarified very clearly what I needed to do.  You helped me reflect and set a plan rather than continuing to go round in circles!

I can thoroughly recommend Robin for her professional and non judgmental approach to any challenge plus her patience and guidance through the process of getting clear about the next steps.

Cheryl Scott, Myofascial Release Massage
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