February 2018

​You’re not alone if you’re confused by the smoothie and juicing hype and don’t really know why you’d do one over the other. Will this really lead to a healthier life? Or, perhaps you’re wondering what’s the difference? I was recently asked “When you say juicing, do you mean just squeezing the life out of the fruit and veg in a juicer or chopping it up finely in a nutri bullet type thing and drinking all of it? ​It seems like such a waste throwi […]

I’d always presumed I got headaches due to a lack of coffee, if I’d cut back for example or not had my daily habitual “fix”. Turns out, it’s a very rare day now that I get a headache. ​What’s made the difference for me? ​It’s been six months since I ended my relationship with coffee and had

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