Finding light in complex and dark times

In these turbulent, complex and dark times in our world, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of thinking traps and lose perspective. This can be a slippery slope and a range of symptoms from not sleeping and increased anxiety to a lack of motivation or more can show up.

The words in the image came into my inbox today from Action for Happiness and they really resonated with me.


It’s so important that we focus on what we can control, and work on maintaining our perspective. 

When you ‘have a moment’ pause, catch yourself, take a breath and check in with where your thinking is taking you. Is it helpful or taking you down a spiraling path. 

  1. Get underneath what is really going on for you, both internally and externally. Get clear. 
  2. Challenge the internal chatter box – which is doing its best to keep you safe by the way. 
  3. Change the channel – reframe your thoughts. Remember to be kind to yourself and choose your words carefully. Words matter. Internally and externally. 
  4. Focus on what you can control. We can’t control the behaviour of others, or what happens in the world around us, only our own thoughts and actions. 

Noticing something that is good in your world, and being thankful helps too. So does complimenting someone else. Doing this will also help to change up your vibe and quite possibly make the other persons day as well as your own! It’s a double feel good. 


Mind full or mindful

We need a calm clear mind for good decision making, and having realistic optimism helps us to build our resilience. 

By simply catching yourself in the moment, challenging your thoughts, and changing the channel, you will bring a greater sense of lightness into your being. 

Stay hopeful x

Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson

Robin helps people be the best they can be by rediscovering what's right for their individual health and wellbeing. With support, and the right tools to overcome the obstacles, you can get on with living your optimal life.

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