November 2017

It’s the time of year when overwhelm can creep up on you. Those words are flying around in your head that “everything has to be done by Christmas (who knows why??!) and you’re struggling to cope. Before you know it or realise what’s going on, it happens. You’re constantly tired, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, brain fog has crept in and you can’t think straight. Bang!    I’ve been hearing a similar story lately from a number of women; after a […]

FREE EVENT:Come and join us celebrate our official launch of Optimal Women Enjoy sampling of healthy foods and drinks  Learn about how we can assist you on your wellness journey  Meet other like minded women Enjoy an afternoon out and some time for you  Go in the draw to win a goodie bag You’ll find further

This cake’s GF and DF (provided you use DF chocolate) and simple to make.While you can eat it soon after baking, it goes to a whole new level if you leave the raspberry juice to soak in either overnight or earlier in the day. The cake goes “gooey” and denser once the fruit juice has soaked in. ​Also good eaten on it’s on with no fruit; maybe a dollop of coconut yogurt or get creative and add your own favourites on top.  Perhaps boysenberries or black doris plums.  […]

Marya Hopman of Team Coach in Taradale has invited me to share my knowledge, skills and experience on creating a happy healthy life. Learn about nutrition, supplements, aromatherapy, Koren Specific Technique and how our careers, relationships, spirituality and exercise affect our physical well-being.  Take-home goody bags, fabulous snacks and drinks to sample.This is also an

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