How I got out of the covid vaccination rabbit hole

After going down many twisting, uncomfortable rabbit holes, and much soul searching, I am now double vaxed. This was not an easy decision for me to make, as a result I’ve stayed away from posting anything about the covid vaccination subject.  

I was recently contacted by a client who was feeling the same way, which has lead me to sharing what helped me through.

A rabbit going down a rabbit hole

It’s amazing how things can show up for us at the right time. 

I had been asking for help from beyond with my decision. I subscribe to Dr. Ian Gawler who shares his thoughts on health, healing and wellbeing over on his blog. A newsletter arrived in my inbox titled “How to have a COVID vaccination that is side-effect free and effective”. Dr Gawler had held off initially, but Delta arrived and after doing his research (which he sites in the article) had a side effect free vax. He shares how in the article. The power of our mind is truly amazing.

Numerous other things had also shown up for me, helping me to come to my decision regarding vaccination. On the day, I followed his advice which helped me best support my body. 

It frustrates me that we are not hearing in mainstream talk, how we can support ourselves alongside having covid vaccination. Undoubtedly vaccination is one tool, but there is also plenty we can do to give our bodies the best chance in tandem with it. 


Long covid is real and viruses are tricky things that can hang around in our system for years. 

This virus is not just about respiratory issues as we might think by its name. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2), also known as the coronavirus, is the virus that causes COVID-19. The research is showing it effects much more including your brain, pancreas and other organs. But you can improve your chances massively, including how you come through it if you do get it. There’s plenty of solid research data and information in this podcast by Functional Medicine doctors, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Leo Galland.  This is one podcast you might want to check out! 

Good gut health is showing as an extremely important factor with around 70% of your immune system housed in the gut.

Fear is one way to knock our immune system around. A way to combat this, is to focus on what you can control and take positive action to boost and support your amazing body.  

If you would like to have a chat about it supporting and boosting your immune system, do get in touch with me.  My philosophy is to take the best of both to work together in synergy – medical and complimentary. A holistic approach. 

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