What’s keeping you stuck? 

Who would have thought these 2 jars contained the same amount of stones, sand etc.?

I was talking through Stephen Covey’s “Big Rocks” the other day with a client – funny how I needed that conversation myself as a subtle reminder! We need to do our big rocks first, back to the basics of do the list, prioritise and do those big things (rocks) first – the others will fit in around. How often do we say – I don’t have enough time to do …….. or is it really that “it” is not high enough on our list of priorities? not that important to us? hasn’t reached the tipping point yet? or are we stuck in denial, avoidance or procrastination for any number of reasons? 


Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and I haven’t got enough time are often words that come up with clients and can go on to show up as physical symptoms in our body. Weight that won’t budge, bloating, puffiness, digestive issues, tiredness, exhaustion, headaches, brain fog, sleep disturbances and so much more. Our body is great at giving us signs, sometimes they’re not so obvious though and we need help to move forward which is what Health Coaching is all about. 

I’m a great believer in things showing up when we need them, funny I’m now wondering if it’s symbolic that I have big stones up my driveway and in the garden! Best I get on with my big rocks cause if you don’t put the big rocks in first, the rest won’t fit in! 

What are your big rocks?
An unfinished project?
​More family time?
More self care time?
Your wellness? Finances? Your fitness?
Remember to put your big rocks in first so you can fit them all in.

If you need help with getting unstuck and moving forward and their resulting symptoms,
​please get in touch with Robin today

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