It’s time to take control of you

Corporate banker turned wellness coach helps clients focus, writes Victoria White.
Earlier last month, I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Victoria White, a reporter at Hawkes Bay Today. Victoria subsequently wrote this article for the Saturday Indulge section on 5 March and here’s what she had to say:
A Havelock North woman who healed herself is dedicated to helping others find their true selves. Health coach, wellness practitioner and founder of Holistic Wellness Robin Wilson was “40 years old and close to my best before date” in the late 1990’s when she decided to change her life.

The mother of two was stressed from her corporate banking job and overweight despite having a good diet. Changing her life “wasn’t one thing in particular but a lot of little things”. It wasn’t just about weight loss, it wasn’t a great fad diet or speedy change, it was slow. The key thing was around being authentic and true to myself. I just realised I had to make some choices.”

She began her journey by changing her diet, exercising and giving up alcohol. By 2002, the woman who “couldn’t run form one lamp post to another” was able to embark on a life-changing Outward Bound experience. “I still reflect on that now when things get really tough,” she said. Her journey changed when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis – an auto-immune disease. “It was awful,” she said, “I was thinking ‘I exercise, I have a good diet, why is this happening?”
Despite “an offer to go down the medical path”, Ms Wilson said she wanted to heal herself.
Her interest in natural remedies made her opt for an alternative solution, while the disease has no cure she is now able to recognise the warning signs and take steps to get her body back on track.

Using natural remedies she was also able to cure the “extremely debilitating” migraines her husband suffered. After four years studying complementary therapies and well being her journey took a turn in 2014, when she left her corporate job and set up Holistic Wellness, based out of her Havelock North home. 

“It was the right time. It had been a fabulous job and a great career but it was just time for me.” She now assists people on their own wellness journey through a holistic approach where the focus is on the whole person, not just the symptoms. She said: “It’s about giving people the choice and allowing them to make an informed decision, about asking themselves ‘how can I take responsibility?”

Following a free 30 minute consultation, clients can choose to go through a 12 session programme with Ms Wilson which she develops based on the person’s primary foods – their relationships, career, exercise, spiritual practice. If they are out of whack or not going well, they (clients) might have a wonderful diet but are gaining weight, so it’s about getting to the bottom of it. “My tag line is ‘time for you’. That means that I will make time for you, but it also means it is time for you to make time. “I find it really satisfying to feel like I’m really making a difference and really helping people.”

So if it’s Time for you to make changes and to see how Robin can help you, get in touch now.  
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