Women lying in bed feeling badly hungover and remorseful

The day dawned, a warm and sunny February morning. We were camped at an idyllic spot beside the lake. Husband, myself and our two boys away for the weekend camping and kayaking with another family. An amazing place with great people. I woke feeling dreadful; nauseous, body aching particularly my back (which was my over […]

Women reaching out receiving a flower

Often as woman, we’re great at offering to help others whenever we can. We’re great at giving and doing helpful and considerate deeds for others – no questions. But turn that situation around, and we’re not so good at receiving or we have trouble accepting help or asking for it. Saying things like “I’m OK,

Seriously good seedy bread, gluten and dairy free, vegan

Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan This bread has become my favourite “go to” bread. Super easy to make, and flexible depending on what ingredients you have, and what you like.  Highly nutritious, packed with plant based protein and fibre, this bread will keep you going in more ways than one!  Bake, slice up and keep in

11 sustainable weight loss tips

Here are 11 sustainable, achievable weight loss tips for the holiday season that are no a fad.  And, you can carry forward into the new year.  I’ve had some lovely people mention to me, that they’d like to feel a little more comfortable by Christmas by releasing some weight and can I help? These days

The underlying cause that could be causing you stress at work

When I reflect  on the challenges clients that I’ve coached have faced, there’s been a load of issues around the workplace. A common theme that’s shown up has been “feeling stuck”, a feeling of not being able to move forward or to make changes. On the treadmill and not able to get off. ​ ​​ ​Issues can show up as overwhelm, feelings of not coping, anxiety or depression whic […]

Watch the sunrise at least once a year I was blessed to do this several times recently while on the Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand Wellbeing course, spending time to sit in the stillness as the day dawned and watch the sun came up. Magical. So often “in the real world” the busy-ness takes over,

GF DF VThese bites are not too sweet but a little bite of something moorish when you’re feeling like something sweet without going overboard. You could also make them into balls – I find a slice quicker, easier, far less mess and probably more hygenic!Ginger is great for digestion and I enjoy the combo with

DF GF V – but certainly not taste free!Enjoying a plant based gluten free dinner doesn’t mean NO to a creamy cheese sauce. Eliminating dairy is a real struggle for many who choose to for varied reasons from health to ethics, there’s something about cheese! So here’s a solution as my theory isn’t about deprivation

You know you’re on the right path to your desired dream job, next step or activity when you feel that rush of excitement when you think about it. Or on the flip side (feeling stuck), Mondayitis creeps in everyday bringing with it no energy, maybe some brain fog, health issues and that overwhelming feeling of

Sometimes we all need that person in our lives to get us back on track, to help us find the answers we have within by asking the questions that need asking. Today was that day for me. It can be so easy for our life to get out of balance without even realising it. Things

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