How to thrive during Dry July

I was recently asked, Can I go through a detox when I stop drinking every day, and how long will it last?

The answer is yes and it will be different for everyone.

So if you’re thinking #dryjuly, you might want to read on! It’s not just our physical wellbeing that is affected. Often we use alcohol to numb or mask our current reality, and to take away the emotions that are bubbling below the surface. 


Wine being poured

It can make us feel more confident and feel like we ‘fit in’. Or it keep us connected to others – perhaps our friend or family circle. While making this change can be challenging and feel very raw and painful, it can also be extremely freeing and liberating. Ripping of the band aid and unmasking is truly brave.

While it might feel rough at first, hang in there as you will come out the other side with renewed energy and motivation. You could wake up feeling like you’ve had a night on the booze. Symptoms may including increased anxiety and feelings of sadness, irritability or even nausea and more. And not just on day one, this may go on.

Alcohol can play havoc with our dopamine and serotonin levels – negatively affecting our mental wellbeing. These should level out as our body readjusts and heals, this may take time.

Our liver is an amazing power house, so love and support it as you move through this phase. 

How do you do this? 

  • Have plenty of high quality nutrients, greens, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink loads of good quality water
  • Stay away from the liver loaders as best you can. Caffeine, sugar, fatty and highly processed foods, chemicals and toxins (include toxic emotions) all add to the load on our liver. this makes detoxification hard going.

Most importantly reach out for support. You do not need to walk this path alone.

Doing #dryjuly is a great way to make a start, as the conversation is already out there and it may feel a little more normal. Rally your workmates, ask for their support – you never know they may want to join you! Is it time to fit out be your authentic you?

I parted ways with alcohol in 2004 and understand the conversations and challenges that can arise as a result. It was worth it. You can do this.

Please do contact me if you’d like to know how I can help you to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. This is a free, no obligation chat, and you can make a time here to suit. 

Or talk to your doctor, your usual health professional or call the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797. 

Visit their website, or free txt 8681.

You are not alone. There are others on their way on the same track. The track may be narrow and steep and boring and frightening - but everyone walks on it. You are not alone, but linked to everything around you.

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