Cheesey Veg with Tempeh fingers and Salad

DF GF V – but certainly not taste free!
Enjoying a plant based gluten free dinner doesn’t mean NO to a creamy cheese sauce. Eliminating dairy is a real struggle for many who choose to for varied reasons from health to ethics, there’s something about cheese! So here’s a solution as my theory isn’t about deprivation thinking but adding in better choices; finding options that serve me or the people I work with.​ ​I don’t tend to measure and always think of it later when the dish turns out well! I love being a free range cook – this is one of the greatest gifts my mum gave me, allowing me to experiment in the kitchen from a very young age. 


Cheesey Veg with Tempeh fingers and Salad
Here’s how: 

  • Cook chunks of scrubbed potato and kumara, with skin on
  • Steam sliced up bok choy, kale, silver beet or greens of your choice
  • Put cooked potato and kumara in a dish, greens on top then pour over sauce
  • Sprinkle a small about grated Angel Food DF mozzarella alternative on top, activated and roasted almonds/sunflower/pumpkin seed mix + a sprinkle of paprika and chopped parsley.

SAUCE: Into a pot:  approx. 2 c rice milk, salt and pepper, around 1 tsp mustard powder, corn flour to thicken, 1 TB lemon tang (recipe here) you could use lemon juice, approx. 1 – 2 tb olive oil, handful dairy free cheese.
Tempeh fingers, slice up a block of tempeh finely and brown in olive oil.
Serve with a tossed salad. 
Leftovers are great for lunch the next day, another of my theories is cook once, eat twice!
Make life simple, pack up your lunch for work the next day while you’re clearing up the dishes.
Organised – boom! Cutting the temptation at lunchtime for not so good choices.

I am passionate about helping women work towards being the optimal version of themselves, living an empowered, energised and well life.

Cutting the confusion, gaining clarity; small steps = big results.

It’s you life, your choice. 

​I often find women know they’d feel better and have a ton more energy by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.
They’ve, tried loads of diets, been there, done that on the treadmill.
Or are in wellness overwhelm, feeling totally confused by all the huge amount of info out there. 
If you’re over where you’re at and ready for change and want support on your wellness path, get in touch for a free 20 minute clarity chat.
​I can also help you discover hidden food intolerances yourself.
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