The underlying cause that could be causing your stress at work

When I reflect on challenges coaching clients have faced, there’s been numerous issues around the workplace. A common theme that’s shown up has been “feeling stuck”, a feeling of not being able to move forward or to make changes. This can cause stress at work. 

On the treadmill and not able to get off. Unresolved issues can show up as overwhelm, feelings of not coping, anxiety or depression which are very real – there are other signs too. 

The underlying cause that could be causing you stress at work

We often talk about being stressed out and our body often gives us other signals, showing up as a range of health challenges. 

We catch every bug that’s going around as our immune system is affected. Maybe digestive issues like bloating, wind and discomfort are creeping in. Our hormones are playing havoc, weight won’t budge or skin and hair complaints are flaring up becoming frequent. Feeling tired and wrung out with fun and joy seeming like distant memories. Some days it would be nice to hide under the covers and have a duvet day.

Why is this happening?
Often it’s the underlying feeling of being a round peg in a square hole. Your values are out of line with the organisation you work for. You are no longer a good motivational fit. Maybe the job sounded great but the reality is, it’s just no longer you for a number of reasons. This becomes evident by peeling back the layers and delving in. Asking those questions to get to the root cause of what’s really going on. When we lose our sense of purpose and direction, we’re on the slippery slope. You may have the perfect diet and exercise regime, but if any aspect of your life gets too far out of balance, that’s when you’re approaching the danger zone.   

I’ve been in this situation myself, with my compass no longer pointing true north. My values out of alignment with my employer. That is what leads to stress. 

Having that ah ha moment is the nugget. We can then work on our plan to either find the job we love or find ways to love the work we do. The great news is, we have choices; sometimes we need someone to guide us on our path of discovery and possibilities.   

There are many challenges along the way as we make changes creating a healthy, well lifestyle.
Life isn’t always like the perfect insta shot.
It’s about being the real, genuine, authentic, amazing person that you are. 
Being true to yourself.
After all, YOU are the most important relationship that you have.    


Are you ready for change and would like someone to support you in the process?  

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There’s no one quick fix step, it’s about all the little steps you take along the way. 
Small steps = big results 

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