Why you should Watch the sunrise at least once a year


Watch the sunrise at least once a year

I was blessed to do this several times recently while on the Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand Wellbeing course, spending time to sit in the stillness as the day dawned and watch the sun came up. Magical.
So often “in the real world” the busy-ness takes over, we rush to get ready for work and into our day, diving out of bed in a rush as we’ve got to bed too late or that two am monster has popped in to keep us awake and it feels like we’ve just got to sleep when the clock goes off. Then the first thing to go is our morning ritual as we don’t have time.
This is a lesson I have learned of late; if I don’t make time in the morning to do my morning ritual the day often doesn’t flow so well, or I’m not so “on my game”. It’s amazing how taking even a few minutes to set yourself up for the day can have a huge impact on how it rolls. From greater clarity, increased energy and a sense of purpose to reduced feelings of stress, overwhelm or anxiety.

Simply start with one thing you could do differently or implement. Don’t overwhelm yourself or pass judgement on yourself by playing the compare and despair game. Remember to take baby steps as you make changes, don’t try and modify your world over night. Sometimes it’s about dropping something that may not be working for you so you can make the space for new and good. It’s important to find a morning self-care practice that feels right for you, not the next person. We’re all different.
My morning includes a grounding, centring and protecting routine, some gratitude and intention setting for the day, while integrating some breathing meditations. I exercise some mornings, or sometimes I find it better to exercise later in the day, depending on my schedule. Setting yourself up the night before can help if you’re planning some movement, get your gear ready and that’s one less thing to do in the morning. This will also set intent for yourself for the following morning. 

Others may journal at this time, do some yoga, stretching or a more vigorous form of exercise, spend more time on meditation or get out and go for a walk as the sun pops up. It’s about working out what is right for you.

Wellness is about so much more than the food on our plate. 

If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, OR if the two am monster is happening more often than you’d like please reach out by messaging or commenting, I’d welcome the opportunity to see if I can help you.

Today you are You, that is truer than true.
​There is no one alive who is Youer than You. 

Dr Seuss
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