Are you looking for the missing link and feeling confused by all the options?

While chatting with a friend and her daughter recently, it suddenly struck me perhaps they didn’t have a clear picture around “what I do” as a Health Coach or how I could help. This got me asking myself “Gosh what message have I given to “The Universe” (Universe – you, me, everyone else and beyond!) If I’ve been vague and unclear in the messages I’ve given out, how can I expect others to be clear about my purpose and what I do? The conversation had arisen from a discussion about a fabulous book I’d lent them. The comment “I’d never even thought about emotional eating or why we eat and stuff like that. Wow this is so powerful” got me thinking. How many people presume I’m the same as a nutritionist and how can I expect people to know the difference?  


So here’s my focus:

  • I encourage positive change; it’s all about your wellness goals with a strong focus on behavioral choices. This is initiated by your decision to make some type of life change – my motto is it’s your life, your choice.
  • As we’re all unique I don’t offer a “one programme fits all”. I don’t write a plan for you. It’s about meeting you where you’re at and supporting you through education and coaching. No two are ever the same, we all come from a different place and background.   
  • Let’s develop your Nutrition Intuition. I focus on teaching you to be self-sufficient by learning to observe your body’s responses to various lifestyle and dietary modifications and choosing health-promoting behaviors that work for you on your own. I call it your Nutrition Intuition. Life gets busy and somehow along the way, we forget how to tune into ourselves and can lose touch with our intuition. 
  • I do not taking responsibility for bringing about your wellness changes; I’m your supportive mentor and guide.  
  • My role compliments health professionals and I work harmoniously to develop strategies that enact real, lasting lifestyle changes. I don’t suggest clients stop or change prescription medication or stop seeing their doctor, registered dietitian or counsellor. However I may suggest they have a discussion with their physician around their prescribed medication regime if they have concerns. Or we may work on challenges they’re experiencing with their dietitian or primary health provider’s recommended diet plan.

So what’s the difference between a Health Coach and A Life Coach?

Short answer – they’re similar but specialise in different areas. A life coach helps clients achieve goals by working through problems and making decisions. Like health coaching, life coaching involves examining a client’s life right now to identify obstacles or challenges to living a fulfilled life and then choosing a course of action. Both professions hold the belief that the client already has many of the answers to their questions and simply needs guidance discovering those answers. However, while life coaches have general training in a wide variety of areas, Health Coaches receive intensive training and specialise in aspects of life that impact your health. A Health Coach focuses on nutrition, physical activity, relationships, lifestyle, and other elements of life that can impact markers of health such as stress, weight, and energy levels.
Some common areas where I might work with a client on include weight management, food cravings and intolerances, sleep, energy, stress management and digestive issues just to name a few. 
What is it we’re really searching for in the fridge or pantry? Are we physically hungry or trying to fill an empty void inside? Could it be that we’re lonely, sad, happy, unfulfilled, bored – there’s many more.
Is Health Coaching right for you – here’s what my clients have said
​If you’re ready and it’s time for you, please get in touch with Robin today. 

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