Are you tired of trying to prepare healthy meals when you’re feeling so shattered?

Halloween has been and gone, it’s got me thinking………….The question I’ve been asking myself this week is, how often do we walk around with a mask on? And why does that matter?

I’ve recently been working with a client who used to arrive home from work, so tired and wanting to flop on the couch with little energy or desire to prepare that nourishing meal. Feeling guilty about all the “have to dos” with little energy to do it. Not fun.  I’m so proud of the work she’s put in. She’s dug deep and challenged her beliefs about saying no to every request at work when her own workload was already up around her ears.

I’ve been there myself. Not a happy story. Sometimes, the fun runs out and behind the mask lies a very different feeling. It zaps our energy and resilience. It’s exhausting and tiring and adds to the stressed out feelings and overwhelm, then the physical symptoms kick in. It can be a lonely, joyless ride. What does the mask look like? 

  • Hiding our true authentic self.
  • Not even realising we’re doing it.
  • Being all things to all people.
  • Running around pleasing others.
  • Following trends or fashions that really aren’t us and don’t suit us.
  • Always saying yes.

She’s been brave, saying things like “I could help you out with that tomorrow (or some other time)” or simply “I’m at full capacity today”, putting herself at the top of the list, not the bottom. 
Challenging the monkey chatter that can go on in our heads, the unhelpful thoughts that can rule the roost if left unchecked. Our thoughts become our reality.

​These shifts teamed with modifications to nutrition (fueling herself with food that is right for her) and getting back into exercise have resulted in increased energy, a real sense of wellbeing and much more.
Now feeling really comfortable with herself and in a great space.
No longer arriving home from work with the couch calling.
Plenty of energy to cook that nourishing meal or spend time doing something she loves doing.

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