What was really going on when technology failed and the world seemed wonky?

On Thursday, when technology failed and the world seemed wonky (even our dogs were crazy), I put it down to the full moon. Then this morning I questioned, was I being overly simplistic?
Was there more to what was happening? A YES popped up. Over the past fortnight situations have arisen that have really got me digging deep – and I’ll admit, it hasn’t always been easy.


​It’s been a huge week of lessons. This morning I went within and I’d like to share with you some of what I came up as I took time to ponder:

  • Energy goes where attention flows; what have I been focusing on?
  • Coming from scarcity (there’s not enough) and fear based thinking only generates more of both; what messages have I been giving the universe through my thoughts and actions?
  • I like to think that my thoughts are positive and abundant but have they really been? Honesty call no, not always; I have allowed the monkey chatter to jump in even though I have caught myself and righted myself.
  • We get back what we give out – we are all energy. I think of it like a web, what we put out comes back and more, manifested.
  • Focusing on my fears simply manifests them – they grow. 
  • What mirrors are there in the situations I have encountered this week? What have they brought up in me – the shadow side?  What lessons do I need to learn?

I came up with a plan, and part of my plan to get back on track with my daily rituals includes:

  • Be grateful! For everything and truly mean it. Write it down, keep on giving thanks, live and breathe it
  • Think and breathe abundance
  • Journal, including get really clear on my intent – don’t rush it, enjoy the process 
  • Ask for help from my guides, angels and earth angels
  • Hit the stop button every time a not so good thought arises and replace it with a positive
  • Be very careful about what I say and do; get rid of judgements, flippant comments, negative language, scarcity thinking and actions that continue the cycle. Don’t buy into the BS or gossip
  • Be mindful, remember to breath, do my self-care work, nurture my mind, body and soul
  • Surround myself with positivity; the people I love, the things I love
  • Get out in nature and give thanks to the plants, the animals, the birds …….get grounded, get gardening
  • Revisit the 5 Love Language 
  • Compliment someone every day, randomly, in the supermarket, total strangers
  • Don’t over think it
  • Leave behind what’s not serving me well, at the same time be thankful for the lesson  

I believe everything happens for a reason. Thank you universe for the lessons this week, it’s time for me to move forward, let this one be and get on with it! 

“When fears come, I prefer to see them as passing clouds in the sky”
Louise Hay
We are wise, we have the answers within 
Sometimes we have to dig deep 
Sometimes it’s hard and scary to face
And sometimes we need some help finding those answers
Never give up, every second is a new opportunity, that’s why it’s called the present 
You are stronger than you can ever imagine

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