Several weekends ago, Mr. W and I headed to the hills for a day so he could carry out conservation work on a property he works on. I don’t usually go but this weekend I decided to leave the housework, the jobs, the washing – all those “other things” that we can allow to consume our weekend. No power, no phone coverage, no WIFI – totally unplugged and off the grid! As we headed north, coverage disappeared mid text conversation with a friend – what did we do “back in the day” before mobile phones? Have real conversations with those we are with?!
We had a fabulous day away, just the two of us, native bird life the only sounds to be heard. 
Heading home later in the day, I decided to keep away from emails, social media or the internet until the next morning. It was interesting observing my behaviour. We become so used to the constant onslaught of information coming at us and it seems strange when this isn’t happening or available to check.

With an overload of information and constant stimulation, our brain’s ability to stay focused fades unless it has time to renew itself. I recently read about the “boiling frog” story – you may have heard it before. The idea is that if the frog jumped into a pot of boiling water it would immediately feel the danger and jump out. But if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it doesn’t realize the hazard of being cooked alive. Our brains are slowly being “boiled alive” from the constant and unrelenting information overload. Jump out of the pot and take purposeful pauses so you can renew your mind, body and spirit!

The day out was a timely reminder to hit the pause button more often before my brain does become “boiled alive”. Unplugged with no other distractions, less than 45 minutes from bush to coast – time to enjoy our amazing country that we call home, New Zealand.  
Unplugged – more often. 

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