How I got rid of headaches naturally

I’d always presumed I got headaches due to a lack of coffee, if I’d cut back for example or not had my daily habitual “fix”. Turns out, it’s a very rare day now that I get a headache. 

What’s made the difference for me? ​It’s been six months since I ended my relationship with coffee and had my last one – I admit I’m feeling very pleased with myself! 


I still love the smell of a good brew or coffee beans but I actually really enjoy wafting the aroma now. Our olfactory system is so powerful and evokes our senses, it’s awesome that I can get by with just a sniff! Much better on the bank balance too. 

I’m convinced my liver’s also in a much happier state as a result. Caffeine can be a major liver loader, when we have too much of a good thing like caffeine, it’s hard work for our liver to do it’s job.  
I’m now at the “no longer miss it” stage, it’s certainly taken time to get here. I’ll freely admit I missed the consistency of coffee for some time. 

​There’s no doubt about it, forming new habits and leaving others behind takes time and effort, one day at a time, or one minute at a time if need be. 

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. 
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3 thoughts on “How I got rid of headaches naturally”

  1. Hi Robin
    Happy New Year.Hope it is a positive and super healthy 2018 for you and your family.
    Thank you for the lovely notebook!Love it and your new look website.”Good job” (as my sis in law in Canada would say😘)
    It’s been almost three months since I went cold turkey and stopped drinking tea and coffee.I just decided one day to give it a try and see how I got on.I was used to drinking say one coffee and several cups of tea (way too much dairy over a week) and as a lover of herbal teas, found the transition much easier than I thought.Skin glowing (so much hydration as I am drinking herbals it seems hourly-have several for variety or fresh cut herbs from the garden).One of the things I learnt from our sessions previously was making small, lifetime changes and they work.Bite size pieces….a walking or cycling group with be great for your like minded clients to dip into when they are free.Thank you for your inspiration 😊

    1. Wow Gerry! That’s fantastic news and thank you for your feedback 🙂 I can imagine your beautiful herb garden now, isn’t it fun going out and picking something and straight into a cup, knowing exactly where it’s come from? YUM! Our skin is certainly a fabulous barometer. Great idea on the walking and/or cycling group, I want to get back into cycling and this would be a great kick start for me too. My bike has been parked up for too long! Thank you for your inspiration, I’ll be in touch!

      1. PS Gerry, I’m very happy to say I’m still coffee free and it’s been over 15 months now. I will admit to still loving the aroma but that does continue to do the trick for me!

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