A surprising component of wellness

Women reaching out receiving a flower

Often as woman, we’re great at offering to help others whenever we can.

We’re great at giving and doing helpful and considerate deeds for others – no questions. But turn that situation around, and we’re not so good at receiving or we have trouble accepting help or asking for it. Saying things like “I’m OK, I’m fine, I can do it”, when really we’re not in a good place. We could do with some help.

We need to learn how to receive in order to give. Just like Yin and Yang, black and white or the saying of give and take, life needs to be in balance. Remember how it feels when you want to help someone and they refuse your offers? Maybe not so good? Alternatively how great you both feel when your offer is accepted? Learning to accept and receive help is an important component of wellness in the same way giving and receiving compliments is. It’s not selfish to receive and you’re actually giving to the person who’s giving to you by receiving. Turning that thought on its head, it’s selfish not to receive. Both giver and receiver will benefit from the act of kindness with a wellbeing boost.

Like all things in life we need balance.

By not asking or reaching out, we can end up feeling “poor me-ish” or in the victim state. By receiving and reaching out, we are moving into the creator space, which is our antidote to the victim.

A self-reflection thought as you ponder – what gets in the way of you receiving?

If this resonates with you, and you feel ready to reach out, I offer a free Wellness Strategy Session.

During a virtual chat, we’ll discuss what’s going on for you and discover if working together feels like the right thing for you. Think of this session as a no obligation chat to discuss your current situation and to determine how I can help you reach your wellbeing goals.

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