One simple trick to get through your day with less overwhelm (and it’s not rocket science!)

It’s the time of year when overwhelm can creep up on you. Those words are flying around in your head that “everything has to be done by Christmas (who knows why??!) and you’re struggling to cope. Before you know it or realise what’s going on, it happens. You’re constantly tired, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, brain fog has crept in and you can’t think straight. Bang!   

I’ve been hearing a similar story lately from a number of women; after a day at work they’re totally wiped out. Arriving home, feeling like reaching for the cheese and crackers, favourite something to wash it down with in the other hand in hope of a magical energy surge or pressure release. We are wise and we generally know what we need to do, but sometimes old habits and patterns reappear. We feel stuck. We know it’s beneficial to go out for a walk or to get in some other form of exercise to clear our head. But somehow, it’s a struggle to get out there – physically, mentally and emotionally. Then the weekend rushes by and suddenly it’s Monday again!
What’s the answer? One key solution that many of my clients identify is being organised.
 Something as simply as getting back to the basics works:
Doing things like:

  • Planning in the weekend for your week ahead. Write it down.
  • Going to the supermarket, making sure you have what you need for lunches and dinners or shopping online if that works better for you. That way you have the food on hand to nourish you, it’s easier to make better choices, eating better = more energy and the spiral goes up not down, you get the picture. You’re not flying in there every night on the way home in a mad panic of “what’s for tea – now!”
  • Having a planner for the family to see in a visible place so everyone knows what’s going on, what’s for tea, who’s doing what, going where etc.
  • Planning time for YOU in the week – blocking out some ME time not just time for everyone else. Remember the oxygen mask saying?
  • Commit to a planning time each day, play to your strengths – what time works best for you? First thing in the morning for 10 minutes while you’re having a cuppa or before bed at night to get it out of your head, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Remember to:

  • Use a planner in a format that works for you, simply start.
  • Include some gratitude – write down 3 things you’re grateful for as that increases your vibration and sets you up well for the day
  • Ask yourself, What will I let go of today – what needs to go on myNot To Do list?
  • Plan one activity that will give you joy – remember to smell the roses!
  • Get clear on your priorities – are your planned actions moving you forward in life towards your goals or keeping you stuck? Challenge your thinking.   
  • Don’t try and multitask or overcommit yourself
  • Put yourself on the top of the list, not the bottom
  • Most importantly, ask for help when you need it.  
If you’re ready for change but not quite sure what that looks like for you, why not book in for a free clarity chat with Robin

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