Seedy Satay Salad

I believe one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is the gift of cooking. I was blessed to have a mum who let me “free range” in the kitchen, happily creating all sorts of tasty dishes like bean pies for others to try! Well I thought they were tasty, I don’t know that my sister did! Some were better than others but the up shot was,  it gave me confidence in my abilities to try new things.    
These days when I make something new, I often don’t think at the time to write down the exact quantities – not always helpful! I tend to cook by starting off with a minimal amount of spices etc. then add more to suit until I get the flavour right. So you may find you want to alter some of the ingredients or quantities to your personal taste.  


Here’s a salad which is gluten free, dairy free and nut free if you leave out the almonds.  It’s the type of salad that keeps well, great to take for lunch and flavours continue to develop.

                                                        Seedy Satay Salad

Cook individually then mix together 1 cup each brown rice, quinoa (red or black look great), buckwheat.
I always use ratio 1 c grain: 2 c water. With the buckwheat, bring the water to the boil first, then add. Rinse all your grains well before cooking. 
Add approximately 2 Tb each tamari, tahini, flax seed oil, maple syrup (optional – it helped to bring out the flavours)
1/2 cup or more activated sunflower and pumpkin seeds + almonds (or omit nuts or change to suit)
1/2 tsp ground cumin and turmeric
juice and zest 2 lemons  
Ground Himalayan salt and black pepper.

Mix all well together. Sprinkle over some sesame seeds and enjoy warm or cold.  

Orange or lime juice would be yummy instead of lemon, the addition of some chopped mint would be good too. 

This salad is packed with great plant based protein, good oils and loads of goodness, enjoy:-)

If you’d like help with healthier choices, making over your favourite recipes or how to cook and use different grains please get in touch with Robin 

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