No two are ever the same

Lying in bed, unable to get to sleep, pondering – was it the full moon or other things keeping me awake? I decided the best course of action was to get up and do some colouring in. I always believe the book will open at the right picture for the moment, sure enough, four beautiful butterflies appeared on the page before me. “What’s this telling me” I thought as I began my creation. A few minutes later, into my head popped “No two are ever the same”.
During the previous week, I received two beautiful emails from clients. These reflected on the changes they were making, the breakthroughs they were experiencing and sharing what they were learning about themselves through this process.  Both were very different as they shared their journey towards wellness with me. Then I reflected on other clients who had made leaps forward during their journey of change and discovery.

The common thread? All had made huge progress in their own unique style, at different paces and in different ways. There was no right or wrong, good or bad or one way better than the other – simply different ways of doing things that resonated and worked for each individual.

What came up for me next?

Gratitude – It’s amazing to be able to support people on their wellness journey, identifying their uniqueness and “what’s right for them”.

Purpose and The Law of Attraction – Believe and trust in myself – the right people will find me at the right time.

Authenticity – Be true to myself and always be my authentic self – I am who I am, no one else is just like me, just like the butterflies are all different.

Thankful – For the beautiful book I had been given as a Christmas gift, and always a reminder of the amazing person who thoughtfully chose this for me. 

Perfectionism – I noted how I felt about my work and was able to let go of any “unhelpful” self-talk that popped in, allowing it To Be, perfect and individual as it was.

As I continued to colour, I wondered how many other people in the world have this same colouring book? How many variations of this colouring in will there be? – the possibilities are endless.

​Honour, love, nuture and enjoy your uniqueness. No two will ever be the same!

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