Are you one of the 90%?

Are you always getting sick?
Suffer from low immunity, always catching everything that’s going around?
Or even something more sinister?
​Ever find yourself saying “I’m sick of working around here”?

​I read a stat today that said nearly 90% of people report feeling unhappy with their jobs. Gosh that’s a lot of unhappy people! If that’s you, what effect is this having on your energy levels, mojo, relationships and health and wellness?


​​Around 85% of all illnesses are stress related.

Our Health and Wellness is about so much more than just the food on our plate. Our work (it may be paid or unpaid) relationships, exercise/movement and spirituality all form part of the greater picture. Trust me, I speak from personal experience, ending up stressed out with the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis. Yes I had food intolerances going on but I hadn’t dealt with the other stressors in my life. I am grateful for the experience; it has lead me on my current path and life purpose – Health and Wellness Coaching. It also took me down the path to heal myself naturally and work out what was right for me, not everyone else.  
Sometimes it can feel daunting finding what it is “I want to do”. That’s a big question.
If you’re keen to find your passion, reflect and question yourself:

  • When do I lose track of all time because I am so in tune with the task at hand?
  • What message does my future self have for me?
  • What do I do most naturally, with effortless ease?

You may be surprised and find some nuggets in your answers. Sometimes it’s from the craziest ideas that the gems evolve.
If you’re not in a position to make a career or job change at this time, do all you can to make your workspace a better place for you:

  • Ask to work on projects using your strengths and skills, projects that interest YOU
  • Brighten up your work environment where possible, a pot plant, flowers, an inspirational quote, a picture on your desk
  • Surround yourself with positive people in your team
  • Affirm what you want to happen, not what you don’t want! Where attention goes, energy flows
  • Get out for fresh air in your breaks, a 10 minute walk can do wonders in your day to change the energy
  • Focus on what YOU can control
  • Make great connections, learn all you can. It’s amazing how many skills are transferable
  • Work on your succession plan, can you do some study or learn new skills while you’re working “the day job”? 

Most importantly, wherever you are right now – know that it’s OK. Also, know that if you’re not happy, you can make a change! 

If your Health and Wellness is not where you’d like it to be, give Robin a call to see if she can help.
I’m passionate about helping people to live their best, energised, most awesome life!
After all, it’s not a practice round. Sometimes we need some help finding the answers we have within – that’s where I come in. Yes, the food on our plate is really important but it’s all those other areas of our life that have a huge impact on our wellbeing. 
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